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About Nanny & Me


The Nanny and Me Series is a collection of books sharing the adventures of Ramona M. Gaines and her maternal grandmother, whom she calls, Nanny. For Ramona, the bond she shared with her Nanny was something special. Ramona uses the Nanny and Me Series to share the rich traditions and values she learned from her Nanny that she still ascribes to today, which is: faith, family, food, and loads of fun.

- Ramona M. Gaines, Author -

"Nanny and Me", gives me nostalgic goosebumps of when I used to visit my Grandmother in the summertime.  

They are memories I will never forget. 

Troy is our Illustrator Extradannaire, here at Nanny and Me.  She is a native of Willingboro, NJ and now resides in sunny California.

- Troy Lashay Loftin, Illustrator -
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